Is there any way to create paragraphs with the information entered on the back of flip cards?

I am trying to create content for the back of flip cards - when I type it in in paragraph format with gaps between each section it is fine, but as soon as I preview it goes to one long sentence.
I have tried changing the code as well as using SHIFT-ENTER and adding paragraph with this but it doesn't seem to be working, can anyone give me any advice on if this is possible?


  • Jenn.H.328
    Jenn.H.328 Posts: 16

    Hi Sophie,

    I have tested several ways of accomplishing this with Creator+, and it does not appear to be possible at this time. The fields are plain text only so do not allow any additional HTML ad this time. I would high highly recommend adding this as a PIE item. I'd also like to note that have lengthy content on the back of the card would result in a very long card on the front side and can look a little odd to the learner. An alternative as well would suggest using some shorter copy in the TITLE of the back of the card, and then using the rest of the content in the body area.