How do I alter the automatic quiz question numbering?

I have an a quiz where each section is a core question, with the questions within the section being parts a,b, c etc. The D2L quiz question automatic numbering make the tables, diagrams and question sections very confusing. How do I hide them?


  • Janet.W.813
    Janet.W.813 Posts: 57

    Hi @Emma.C.8686 ,

    Unfortunately, there isn't any way to remove the question numbering for a Quiz as there are many areas that rely on this information, e.g. Statistics, Log files, Datasets, etc.  Without numbers, troubleshooting and reporting would be impossible.

    Could you indicate to the learner that there are multiple sections within the question description, or in the overall quiz description?

    Below is a screenshot of how to add a Short Description to an Individual Question.

    Hopefully that workaround will help to alleviate any potential confusion for learners.


  • Emma.C.8686
    Emma.C.8686 Posts: 3 🔍

    Thanks Janet. I don't have a problem with there being question numbers - my issue is that I am unable to choose how to number them. The questions are written response type and I can't see any difference in preview when adding a Short Description.