PIE Link Broken?


I'm attempting to access the PIE via the "Produce Idea Exchange" link under Resources, and I get directed to the Brightspace Learning Center instead to a page that says:

Unavailable Quicklink

The External Learning Tool is not available.

Attempting to go to a previously saved link doesn't work, as the SSO sign-in has not completed for that page. I'm signed in on https://community.d2l.com/ Just wanted to let someone know.



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  • jennifer.F.105
    jennifer.F.105 Posts: 7 🌱
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    Hi Jonathan,

    I recently had the same experience but the advice below from D2L (specifically point 2 ) resolved it. Hope you find it helpful,


    "Most PIE Access problems can be resolved by following/confirming that the user is taking the following two steps:
     1. PIE can't be accessed directly. They must login to the D2L Brightspace Community first. 
     To access PIE:
    - Login to the Brightspace Community
    - Select 'Product Idea Exchange from the navbar or from the quick link menu found on the Community Homepage 
     This article provides more information on accessing The Product Idea Exchange (PIE) 
    2. Please confirm that they've selected a Brightspace Organization in their Community Profile.
    Typing a name in the organization field will prevent them from being able to connect with the Learning Center and PIE. They must select the org via the dropdown menu.
     This article provides more details on updating their profile to select an organization."


  • Jonathan.H.434
    Jonathan.H.434 Posts: 10 🌱

    @jennifer.F.105 Thanks, that worked! I followed the steps in the article. I didn't even need to search for an organization, just confirm the URL. Very strange, I've never had an issue before.

    Thanks again!