How do I hide zoom links when not using zoom?

Glenn.F.5846 Posts: 2 New Community Member
I am not offering classes via zoom, so how do I hide the links to my zoom sessions? I feel that having these links can create confusion for students who think they may be an option for participating in class.


  • Chris.S.534
    Chris.S.534 Posts: 254

    Hi Glenn,

    There are an number of options available to you to hide the content or tool links.

    You can:

    • set release conditions on the links
    • set availability dates on the Zoom links
    • if you have the required role permissions to access Course Administration > Tools you can set the External Tools status to 'Off' noting this would remove access to all External Learning tools in the course offering.

    If the options above dont work please reach out to you LMS administration team who may propose additional options. For example they may be able to remove the Zoom tool link from your course if you are not using it. This is the next level above the options mentioned above.

    Hope that helps!