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we have noticed that an evaluation of an assignment can always be changed by instructors. Is there any way we can 'lock' the evaluation so it can't be changed anymore? Thanks in advance!


Roel van Doorn


  • Dmitry.L.956
    Dmitry.L.956 Posts: 54

    Hi @Roel.v.179
    It generally depends on what exactly instructors want to change in assignments.
    Once at least one student makes a submission, it is impossible to add or modify questions or anything else that would put other students in an unequal position to the ones who had made submissions. This restriction is part of the academic integrity policy. Any exceptions (for specific students and/or time periods) can be managed via Special Access for specific assignments/quizzes.
    However, if the instructor finds that the grading scheme previously used was not flexible enough, it is still possible to modify it for the grade item linked to a specific assignment/quiz. This will not change the students' grades, but it may affect the weight of this assignment in the course (that is, the percentage of the final grade).
    Further locking of settings is only possible at the administrative level.
    As an ASC, you can also refer to the ASC Support Portal (the Quick Links menu in the top right part of the Community portal).