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If I enter a discussion due date in Content module, will the due date appear in the Work to Do widget?


  • Praful.R.602
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    Hi Rowena,

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    Please take a look at below FAQ page

    Q. Does it matter which Content Experience I’m using as an instructor?

    A. In most cases, no. However, dates are handled slightly differently if you’re using the original Content experience or the New Content Experience (aka Lessons). In the original Content experience, it was possible to assign Due Dates to Discussions and Modules. In the New Content Experience, these dates are no longer supported. Therefore, the widget does not display Discussions with Due Dates. It does display Modules with Due Dates, but Modules are not automatically removed from the widget upon completion.

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  • Rowena.L.292
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    I am in the new content experience. For what reason the due date feature is taken out for discussion forum and topics? It is necessary to set due dates for discussions. This is frustrating.