How can we get course structure along with course completion status and course item and scores ?


Just wanted to get for a learner the course status and grade along with items data like score , completion status , completion criteria and competency aligned then competency and last titem accessed .



  • Meredith.S.894

    The Class Progress tool shows progress in the different parts of the course. Learners see only their own progress and instructors see the progress of all learners. If you don't see Class Progress on your navbar, go to Course Admin and look for it. It will need to be in the course navbar in order for learners to see it, so if it's not there, please ask your administrator to add it for you.

    Check out Class Progress for more information.

  • Praveen.S.1239
    Praveen.S.1239 Posts: 6 🔍

    I am asking to get data with rest apis in web ui i can see class progress but i want all above data through apis .