D2L Brightspace suspend data limits

Mandy.W.176 Posts: 5 🌱

Hi there,

We currently develop courses using scorm 1.2 build with Articulate Rise and have had continuous issue with courses not "bookmarking" or suspending data correctly as they hit a memory limit (suspend data limit) I've been searching for options to fix this, however have not yet had success. We have it set to false so that it should be ok to exceed limit of 1.2 4096 however it seems to still impose that limit regardless.

Is there any way within settings to adjust that within D2L?

Also I've been looking at what would be involved with switching to xAPI but i'm not certain if that would fix the problem either or the limits imposed on it for example. Anyone with experience on this I would value your input also!

I have tried just adjusting the 1.2 suspend in the Rise scorm .js files where it states 4096 to manually change them to 64000 in a workaround attempt which also wasn't successful, however am comfortable changing the files in the package also if there is a fix that way.

Any help would be appreciated thank you!