How can we change the settings of the update alerts?


Hi, we want to change the settings of the update alerts. At this moment students, teachers and course owners get too many update alerts, making the alerts impracticable.

This is not about notifications, but about update alerts, see screenshot. Any help regarding this would be very helpful, thanks.

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  • Brielle.H.672

    Hello there,

    Here are a couple CVB you can disable to reduce noise from the updates icon - note that this will disable all notifications for the specific type for all users.

    • Disable d2l.Tools.Discuss.Notifications to turn off discussion notifications for the entire organization
    • Disable d2l.Tools.Content.AllowCreationNotifications to turn off notifications about new published content
    • Disable d2l.Tools.Content.AllowOverviewNotifications to turn off notifications about course overview updates

    Hope this helps!

  • Roel.v.179
    Roel.v.179 Posts: 3 🌱

    Hi Jeffrey,

    thanks for the information! There is a lot of confusion when we are communicating about the update alerts, most people think we mean the notifications but we did some more tests and it seems they are two completely separate things……i wil upvote the PIE items.