Does D2L automatically have Readspeak?

Allana.S.723 Posts: 2 New Community Member
I am new to Brightspace and D2L. I work in British Columbia Canada in an online High School. I have a student who would benefit greatly from a text-to-talk program for Life Sciences 11 (Biology 11). Does the D2L/Brightspace package automatically come with text-to-talk abilities or does the student have to download the program first?
If a text-to-talk program is needed separately, is there a place to click a box to allow this program?


  • Rob.C.890
    Rob.C.890 Posts: 1

    Hi Allana,

    My name is Rob with the Technical Support team here at D2L. We have an integration with ReadSpeaker however it requires an account with ReadSpeaker, and a backend config setup with Brightspace. Please reach out to your administrator as ReadSpeaker may be configured and perhaps might just need to be shared to your specific course offerings.

    If this isn't set up at your organisation, two of the most used text-to-speech applications the student could try are Jaws or NVDA ("screen readers").

    Hopefully this is helpful information for you. Thanks for reaching out!