Is there a way to add new fonts to the editor dropdown?

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We have added a font and it is referenced in our CSS files. It works as the default font in our HTML templates. But, is there a way to add it to the Font drop down so that we can reference it in our Unit pages?

We want to ensure our courses use our approved corporate font.



  • Iwona.S.533
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    Hi @Maureen.B.923

    I just wanted to give you a heads-up about a PIE item that's been submitted by one of our community members.

    Custom fonts (D10083)

    It's similar to the idea you mentioned, and it would be fantastic if you could support it with an upvote and share your thoughts in the comments section.

    Your input would be invaluable in boosting its visibility.


  • Maureen.B.923
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    Thanks @Iwona.S.533. One last question, is there a way to remove or change the "Recommended" label beside Lato?

    In the absence of being able to call on our custom font, Marketing has approved the use of Arial. It would be great to point our instructional designers to this font.