How to create a timed assignment -- let students choose a 3-hour window any time of the day


My students' midterm is upcoming. They will download a pdf sheet with the questions, answer those questions in a word file or on paper then photograph and compile into a pdf, and then upload their answers. Since this is a remote class and I have students in many different timezones, they should be able to start their midterm whenever they choose on the test day. However, once they start, there needs to be a timer that allows for 3 hours.

Is this functionality available, and would it be via Quiz or via Assignment?



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    There are two options of differing quality that you could use to accomplish this.

    First, using a Quiz, if you create a Written Response question, there's an option for Allow learners to insert images and add attachments. Then you can use the normal quiz options to limit time.

    Second, using an Assignment (I'll preface by saying this is a more complex option), set the Start/End Dates for it for the 3 hour time where most of your students are when you want them to complete it. Then utilize the Special Access to give the students in other time zones a different Start/End date to give them a more accessible 3 hour block.

    With the Quizzing option you can set it to either give them just the 3 hours between X time to X time, or have it open on a given day, and once they start they have 3 hours to finish. This certainly gives more flexibility to meet your needs. Alternatively the Assignment option isn't as flexible, and you'd have to give a set window when learners would be expected to complete it.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you! That's super helpful.