Brightspace datasets tool not available?

Maureen.B.923 Posts: 113 🧭

I'm a super admin, trying to get Brightspace datasets working in the data hub on my TEST environment (It works on my production environment). I'm following .

  • Data Hub is available, but it's empty.
  • On the Tool Availability page, I can enable Custom Reporting Framework, but Advanced Data Sets and Brightspace Data Sets are not available.
  • In Roles/Permissions:
    • Custom Reporting Framework > See reporting tool = Enabled
    • Custom Reporting Framework > Manage and delete reports = Enabled
    • Custom Reporting Framework > Can see data hub = Enabled
    • Brightspace Data Sets > Can Access Brightspace Data Sets = Not available


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  • Prithvi.A.303
    Prithvi.A.303 Posts: 40
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    Hello @Maureen.B.923

    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community!

    After detailed investigation results indicate that It is expected to not have the Brightspace Dataset available in the test site.

    In case you would like to have it enabled, your CSM/TAM would need to send a request which will be reviewed and put to approval by the responsible team. May I request you to contact your CSM/TAM for further details?

    Kind Regards,