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I am trying to figure out if there is a way to put up resources in Brightspace without having a learner needing to register for a course. We have downloadable resources that we want to put into our D2L, but we do not want people needing to register into a course in order to access the resources.


  • Brielle.H.672

    Hi there,

    Do your learners already have login information in order to sign into Brightspace? If so, you can store your downloadable resources at the main org level (note that this will make your resources available to any user with a login, unless you add release conditions).

    Just add the Content tool to your navbar, create your modules how you would in a regular course, (for example, "Welcome," "Downloadable Resources," "Links," etc. and drag and drop your resources into the applicable modules. This will allow your learners to access your resources without being enrolled in a course.