The Drawing tool during inline evaluations has started making rectangles and won't stop


I've already used the inline evaluation tool to mark up several of my students' assignments. But now the Drawing Tool makes vector rectangles and nothing else. When I place a point to draw, it is the origin of a rectangle. The highlighter tool still works as intended (freeform lines/drawing). Even when I go back to old assignments that I've already marked-up, the drawing tool will only create rectangles. I've fiddled with all the settings I can think of.

I've stopped using my digital pen and am just using a cursor now. I've also restarted my browser and cleared my cookies.


  • Dmitry.L.956
    Dmitry.L.956 Posts: 54

    Hi @Emerson.D.932
    We are sorry for the issue.
    Unfortunately, the description does not contain enough details.
    If your institution has end-user support for Brightspace, we suggest submitting a support ticket to the D2L Helpdesk so that agents can investigate the issue (and, if necessary, arrange a screen-sharing session).
    If not, please reach out to your institution's IT.