Setting Up an Auditor User


Hi all!

I'm having trouble with getting the user auditor function to work.

My understanding is an auditor can see the progress of the users they audit within a course offering - however, when I set the relationship using the Classlist tool my 'auditor account' can't see anything in the class progress tool.

Is it possible for a user to view the progress list of only the users they are assigned 'auditor' for?

Screenshot showing that 'Alec Student' is an auditor of 'Alec CottonTest':

Screenshot showing that 'Alec Student' can't see anything on the 'Class Progress' tool:


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  • Andrea.M.553
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    Hi Alec,

    How is the auditor accessing the auditor tool? Typically this is accessed via a widget on the main landing page or a link on the main navigation bar. It isn't through a course offering.

    Auditors audit users. Auditors do not audit courses.