API Calls to change section association

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I am hoping someone can walk me through the following article: https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/1171-creating-updating-sections

I just started using Postman and I got the hang of the "GET" API calls. But, I'm struggling with puts and posts. I am getting the error "400" "Request has missing or invalid parameters."

The call I'm making is: [our test domain]/d2l/api/lp/1.3/42813/sections/

The "raw" body I have is the following:


"Name":"Section 1", 



Do I need some things in the "Params" of Postman?

Thanks in advance for any help provided!! I'm hoping to be able to use Postman to do "IPSIS Section Associations".



  • Alex.V.58
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    Hi Roberto! Since you're using Postman, I will suggest for you to check out our Learn Postman with Paul Learning Center resource. In the article I've linked, you'll see a link out to the course in our Learning Center. It will walk you through using Postman.

    If you get stuck or receive error messages that you're unable to solve, I would recommend connecting with your institutions Help Desk.

  • Roberto.M.359
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    I already reviewed the course you are talking about. And, I am a member of our Help Desk team.

    It is too bad that the Brightspace API does not specify what is invalid or what is missing in my paramters. I've tried an API for a different platform and that API was able to tell me what was bad with my parameters.

    Thank you for your answer. I hope that someone else can provide me with some help.