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Within the Canvas LMS there is a feature called BlueprintSync. It allows you to set up a parent course and associate many child courses. When changes are made in the parent course, you have the option to propagate changes down to all the child courses through the interface. The api also allows me to send the parent course id and get a list of associate child courses id's returned. Is there something similar in D2L? A way to sync many child courses with a parent/template/blueprint course?


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    Hi Peter! I have also used something similar to this in Canvas - much like a master course scenario where your changes can implement down into template courses from the master course. I would LOVE it if D2L had this same feature. But from my experience, there is not an interface set up like this (yet) within Brightspace. I have yet to create a Master course where changes are made where I can pick and choose which courses those changes are then 'pushed to' or implemented in. I have only been told that D2L can have a 'master' shell of a course that can be copied or exported into another course. But from my experience, it doesn't work the same as BlueprintSync. Fingers crossed something similar gets developed soon! I will watch your post - fingers crossed there are others out there that have workarounds or best practices for this. 😊