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We have a well functioning LTI tool that sets a session cookie. In Chrome this works fine, but in a standard Safari it is well known that a third party cookie is not saved in an iframe. This is solvable by opening deeplinks in a new window by default.

However when an instructor adds a new deeplink using the `add existing` button in the content section this always opens an iframe where the user can normally make a selection of which content to add.

Is there a way of also opening this in a new tab/window?

At the moment only Chrome users can add new deeplinks to their course content.
If Chrome also blocks third party cookies in an iframe, lti tools can no longer use cookies when working with brightspace.


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    Hello @Tom.D.731

    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community!

    This request requires some testing on your site. May I suggest you to open a support ticket with us for us to further investigate this issue please?

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    Hi @Prithvi.A.303, we don't have our own Brightspace instance.
    To rephrase my question: when using Safari with default settings (Prevent cross-site tracking enabled). It is currently not possible to add new lti deeplinks when clicking 'Add existing' in the course content and clicking a Deep Linking Quicklink. Because a Deep Linking Quicklink wil always open in an iframe and if the tool application uses a session cookie for authentication this will not be set and the Instructor is not able to select the proper content.
    If you would be able to open a Deep Linking Quicklink in a new window/tab then you would be able to add new lti deeplinks with safari (and iPads and iPhone).

    Is there a way to, when creating LTI deeplinks, open the tool content selection window in a new tab?

    Below the the tools window when using Add new in Chrome (this works for now, but when Google also decides to block 3rd party cookies in iframes this will stop)