How do I delete a grade from my grade book that is a duplicate?

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I have a journal entry location in my grade book, however, it is a duplicate entry. How do I delete the assignment from the grade book.


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    Hi @Angelique.S.880

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    So, before deleting a grade item, you must verify whether it is associated with any activity in your course.

    In your course,

    • Go to Grades
    • Then, go to "Manage Grades"
    • Next, under the "Associations" column, click the interrogation mark (if the undesired grade item is indeed associated with an assignment, you will be able to confirm that here".
    • If there's no association, you'll only see a dash, in this case, select the undesired grade item.
    • Click "More Actions"
    • Finally, "Delete".

    If there is an assignment associated with the said grade item, you will have to access the activity it is linked to in order to undo its association:

    • Go to Assignments > Click the dropdown menu next to the assignment's name > Go to "Edit Assignment"
    1. Then Click "In GradeBook"
    2. Next, select "Not in Grade Book".
    • Don't forget to save.

    Now that you have undone the said association, you can go back to your course Gradebook tool and follow the first set of steps provided above.

    You may find more info on how to delete grade items below:

    Delete grade items or categories

    Please let me know if this is helpful.