D2L Insights portal not appearing

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Hi. We have two instances of D2L, one for testing and one for production. As far as I can tell, I have the permissions for the instructor role set the same in both instances, and the config variables set the same. But, I can't bring up the insights portal on our test instance, while it all works fine on our production instance. Is there some backend configuration that D2L would need to set in order to allow the insights portal to be used on a particular instance?



  • Matt.W.287
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    Hi Joey

    Insights requires some "infrastructure" in the back end that isn't typically deployed to test instances. It can be but that is usually an additional item listed in your contract.

    If you go to Admin Tools (gear icon) > Organizational Tools and find "Insights" in the list, you can turn it on there. If it's not present then you'd need to reach out to your Client Sales Executive to discuss having it added.

    I hope that's helpful.
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