Using ID links affects interface display


I've used h3 id and a href=# to create links that allow jumping from one part of a page to another.

Here is the simplified code.

<h3 id="overview">Overview of contents</h3>

<p style="text-align: right;"><a href="#overview">back to overview⮭</a></p>

However, when these links are clicked, the Brightspace toolbars disappear and a white bar covers the bottom of the window. This issues persists both when refreshing the affected page and when visiting other lessons in the course.

How do I resolve this?

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  • Johnny.B.962
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    Thank you for the video! That was very helpful!

    I was doing some testing and I was only seeing this as an issue in the "Instructor"/Managing view for the Content item, but when you are on a Learner/Student view, it seems to work fine. Is that your experience as well? (May depend on the browser, I've been doing my testing in Google Chrome)

    I believe this is an issue with how the anchor links are working with the frame which is displaying the HTML page. The link is trying to point the overall webpage to that anchor, whereas it only exists within the middle frame. Hope this image helps to illustrate that:

    Then the browser ends up chacheing it, that's probably why it's persisting even outside of the page. If you hit the back button on your browser like twice after it happens then it's back to normal.

    Also, if you view the page in "Full Screen" by selecting the icon beside the Create New button, then it doesn't appear to have an issue with the anchor links there either.

    At this time, this appears to just be an issue with how we are generating and displaying the HTML page back to you. If you want to continue using them and you were finding that the learner/student view is working fine, try using the "Full Screen" icon when trying to test them.

    Hope that helps!

    D2L LAM

  • Courtney.M.362
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    Hi Johnny,

    I checked the learner experience (also using Chrome), and can confirm that it is not an issue there - good to know!

    Thanks for your help;