Is there a way to remove "new submission notifications" for ungraded assignments in bulk?

I have assignments in my D2L course that are completion-based extra credit, and I want to remove the new submission notifications for them all but can't find a way to do that in bulk. I can't find a way to get the notifications to disappear unless I comment on each submission one by one, which makes no sense for me to do since they are ungraded assignments. Any ideas?


  • Dmitry.L.956

    Hello Joe,
    it looks like your question is related to the notifications that your students are receiving.
    Generally, students manage their notifications on their own, i.e. this is their own decision whether they want to be notified about certain events in their courses, or not.
    If your issue requires more detailed handling, please note that your institution is entitled to End-user support on our end. You can open a support ticket with us, and provide more details on it.

  • Joe.S.451
    Joe.S.451 Posts: 3 🔍

    Hi there! Thanks for the response!

    I'm actually referring MY notifications. When I go to my course homepage, it lists for me all the items I have remaining to evaluate and also includes the number of unevaluated submissions beside each individual assignment. Since these completion-based assignments are for extra credit and thus ungraded, it is essentially telling me I have 56 unevaluated items that I will not actually be evaluating.

    It is admittedly a trivial concern :D It's just that when you have hundreds of items to grade at the end of the semester, having dozens of items that don't needed grading listed as if they do need grading can be a bit demoralizing, ha.