Time Restricting Assignments

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Thank you for any help you can provide. I am brand new to Brightspace.

We are looking for a way to deliver "cases" (in PDF format) to your graduate students this summer, and to have our students attempt and submit responses (in Word format) within a set period of time - for example 90 minutes.

I've found that I can create a "quiz question" that allows for a 90 minute time restriction, but I cannot attach/deliver the pdf case file through the quiz tool.

Alternatively, I've found that I can create an assignment that does allow me to attach the pdf case file, but don't allow me to set a timer for submission.

Basically I'm looking to allow the students to choose a 90 minute window (sometime within a one week period of time) where they can click on the assessment, get the case, attempt a solution, and upload their response before the time runs out.

If anyone knows how they can do this I would be forever grateful!


  • Ashwin.R.60
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    Hello @Barry.H.466

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    Unfortunately, using timer in assignments is not part of LE functionality at the moment. Such functionality exists in the form of quizzes, and it is advised to use quizzes to gain this "timed" aspect.

    I did find a similar existing idea on our Product Idea Exchange(PIE) -


    If you would like more options I would highly suggest the submission of a PIE
    item, or upvoting one that suits your use case.

    However, in your case, you can use the Quiz tool with the timer option set to 90 minuites and add a Written Response Question and enable the "Allow learners to insert images and add attachments" OR "Enable HTML Editor for learner responses" . This will allow the students to upload any attachments to this question in the quiz using the "Insert stuff" from the HTML editor or "Add file" option from below.

    When evaluating the submitted attempts, Images/files will be visible on the web page/rendered that are added via the Insert Stuff tool on the HTML editor. Images/files will be downloaded that are added via the Add File Button and not rendered when viewing the attempts.


    Ashwin Ravi