How can i know how many user sessions does the APP Pulse Uses.

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We have been trying to Limit the user sessions to 2 which are for 2 devices the pulse app and another device like a PC, but we have found this causes pulse app to malfunction. When the users access the pulse app we have found that the app uses 2 sessions at the same time maxing out our requirements. Pulse app requires chrome in the device to be logged in the browser for it to verify if its active (This counts as the first session) when trying to see the contents of a course offering it has an in app pulse browser that requires the previews session mentioned to be open (This in app browser will count as the second session) Thus maxing out the limit of user sessions we have set and the user can only connect one device at a time. I need help figuring this out because we need to maintain the usersessionlimit to 2.


  • Ethan.D.435
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    So we can better understand the context and restrictions you're working in, could you describe why you need to maintain the usersessionlimit to only 2?