Brightspace Quiz CSV Template issue

I am trying to upload a batch of questions to my Brightspace quiz using a CSV template that Brightspace provided (under Add Existing>Upload a File). Every time I try to upload the template with my questions added in, I get an error message saying "The upload didn't complete because your network connection was interrupted. When you're ready, try again." This makes no sense to me because my Internet is working fine, and when I upload the original template file I downloaded initially, I do not get this error. Does anyone have any insight as to why i am getting this error and if there is anything I can do to fix it? Thanks!


  • Iwona.S.533
    Iwona.S.533 Posts: 56

    Hi @Jake.F.762

    We are sorry to hear that you're having trouble uploading the questions' CSV file. To assist you further, could you please confirm if the issue persists? Additionally, trying different Wi-Fi connections might help isolate the problem.



  • Jake.K.648
    Jake.K.648 Posts: 3 🔍

    Yes it has, and changing the wifi hasn't helped.