Overwriting a file in NCE not working



Faculty are having issues with overwriting files in NCE. When adding a file and then being prompted to overwrite the file or create a new file, the overwrite/replace option doesn't work. When the overwrite option is selected, the old file remains. Others have experienced this problem when deleting the old item and attempting to add a new file with the same file name as the old one (to overwrite it). However, Brightspace will add a new file by adding a 1 at the end of the file name. This results in unwanted, extra files in the Manage files section.

When attempting to delete and add a new or overwrite an old file via Manage files, the same issues arise.

Any help is appreciated,



  • Julie.L.787
    Julie.L.787 Posts: 302 admin

    Hi @Yildiz.N.829 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to the community with your question.

    In this case, I recommend that you create a support ticket so that folks on our end can take a closer look at what may be the cause of this issue, and provide troubleshooting steps.