Potential caching or updating issue in classic experience on Content


I have a professor who updated the due date in content, it appeared saved, but when refreshed the old date reappeared. However, the corrected date showed in Assignments and on the calendar, it only appeared with the old incorrect date in content. I corrected content by deleting the assignment and then adding it back. Any thoughts if this is a weird caching issue in the system or some other term unbeknownst to me? I didn't see anything like this on the Known Issues list and I didn't want to open a ticket if we're just doing something wrong. We're on the Classic Experience.

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    Hi Mandi

    You can verify if it's a caching issue by logging into Brightspace again in a "Private/Incognito" tab. This will load everything fresh and demonstrate if what you're seeing is actually a software issue.

    The dates that show up in Brightspace are duplicated between the activity (Assignments, Quizzes, etc) and the Content Object (the thing that arranges those activities into the Table of Contents). It's possible, I suppose, for the date in the activity or calendar to change and fail to update the Content Topic (or vice versa) …though it shouldn't do that.

    I would recommend you set up a test try this out. If you can replicate the issue, definitely raise it with Support. If there's a bug we need to know about it!

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    😕Well I was hoping it was user error or a weird caching thing, but we had checked it on different computers and browsers. However, I can't get the issue to replicate now. I'll submit a ticket if it comes up again. Thank you for responding!