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Is anyone using Civitas with their Brightspace LMS? I am wondering what data sets you are using to provide data to Civitas for analysis



  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Linda.B.584
    I noticed you'd asked this question a while back and while I don't have experience with Civitas connected to Brightspace specifically- I still want to be able to do what I can to lend a hand.

    Are you looking for more information in collecting specific Brightspace Data Sets, or perhaps more information about connecting two systems with the Brightspace API for Data Hub/Data Export Framework?

    If I can help to find you the information you need to send/receive the Brightspace Data you're looking for I'd love to help.

  • Linda.B.584
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    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for the offer of help. I was interested in making sure I understood the specific data sets that would work for Civitas in extracting the data they gather as indicators of student success and retention. We have connected with the D2L folks that do have experience with Civitas so I think they will be able to guide the connections.

    I think we will be all set but I appreciate your reaching out.