I'm curious to know what others in higher ed are using to track and manage attendance. We're using the Brightspace attendance registers but are finding the reports in the Data Hub to be limited. Are there any other vendors who do a really great job with tracking attendance and reporting. It would be great if it integrated with Brightspace but not a requirement.



  • Alfredo.F.151

    Hi, Linda!

    The actual data sets for attendance are in this link: Attendance data sets you may see in the Entity relation diagram how to join different datasets to create specific reports.

    If you prefer, you may explore our Integration hub to see a list of partners with solutions for attendance records

  • Linda.W.703
    Linda.W.703 Posts: 8 🌱


    Thank you for your reply. Yes, we've been trying to use the data sets - they are cumbersome and don't give us the information we need.

    I'm hoping to hear from other LMS Admins who are using external vendors - who they like and don't and why.