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I have instructor who has exempted a midterm grade item for a student. They want to know how to get brightspace to calculate the weight of that exempted midterm grade item onto another midterm grade item. Does the fact that the gradebook item exemption is already in place already take of this essentially? The instructor does not have to further manually adjust that students grade if they are exempted from a gradebook item? thank you!



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    Hello @Charmaine.P.705

    The Midterm grade is a Calculated-type item, and is used for calculating learners' cumulative achievement across multiple grade items. That said, Midterm grade items will not count towards the weight of another Midterm (Calculated-type) grade item. As for whether the instructor needs to manually adjust a student's grade if they had been exempted from a non-calculated-type grade item, it will depend on how your grade book is set up - weighted calculation, points calculation, etc.

    You may find more info on the impact of exempted grades on students' overall grades in the following article:

    I hope this is helpful.