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The default for the gradebook sets final grades to invisible. This is a major issue for students since they can see their individual earned grades, but not their overall grade. To add to the problem, despite showing faculty how to turn the visibility on, many assume final grades are already visible. Is there a way to change the default so that it is set to visible and whoever wants to can toggle between visible/invisible?

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  • Ashwin.R.60
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    Hello Yildiz

     Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    Based on your description, I think you are asking about the "Final calculated grades" and the "Final Adjusted grades"

    The Final calculated grade column is hidden from students by default. The Final Adjusted grade can be set to Auto release from the Grades setting and select "Automatically release final grades" . You can also select to Auto update the final grades.

    Additionally, you can also set this as ON by Default from the config variable: d2l.Tools.Grades.AutoUpdateFinalGrade

    You can refer to the following document regarding the Grades config variables:


    Ashwin Ravi

  • Yildiz.N.829
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    Thank you for responding @Ashwin.R.60!

    I checked the settings and it was already set as on.  Even when the auto release is checked, faculty still have to go to Enter grades and then Release for students to see their final calculated or adjusted grades. I'm looking for a solution in which faculty don't have to go through any of those steps to have students see their overall grade. As grades are entered, the final grade should not only automatically adjust but also be visible.

    There's also an issue in which faculty will go through the steps to make the grades in the gradebook visible but then when the class is imported into another class section, the final grades default back to invisible. When faculty teach 4-5 sections, it's a waste of time to do that for each class, and have to do it every semester.



  • Ricardo.S.110
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    Hi @Yildiz.N.829

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have found the following feature request in the Brightspace Community's Product Idea Exchange (PIE, which I believe addresses your intended workflow:

    Final Grade Release --System-Wide (D11045)

    It is currently "In Review" by our Dev team so I strongly recommend you upvote it.

    The Product Idea Exchange is designed for users like you to send direct submissions to our Product Development organization and has the following advantages:

    • It allows you to receive direct updates on each request you submit
    • It allows other community members to vote on ideas
    • It allows other community members to contribute to and collaborate on each idea
    • It ensures ideas that have the greatest impact on our clients and end users receive consideration for inclusion in future releases.

    We look forward to hearing from you at the Product Idea Exchange!

  • Yildiz.N.829
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    Hi @Stefanie.B.518
    I'm flattered that you find my ideas valuable. I'm happy to share my ideas on how to improve the Brightspace experience for instructors and students. I signed up to help with future User Research Projects.