Regarding "Quizzes - Improved experience for generating quiz reports | Updated"

William.M.183 Posts: 3 🔍
I am wondering why the UX team did not sufficiently consider the implications of the changes in the user interface for downloading quiz and other types of information in CSV or Excel files. With the old interface I was able to click on the down arrow next to the item, select grade, select download CSV, and it would happen automatically or with one more click. With the new interface I have to click on the down arrow, go to the upper left-hand corner, click there, go to the right-hand side waiting an indefinite amount of time, click on the notifications, click on the link, go to the far left side of the screen, click on the download link, and click to close that box. You have just tripled the number of links plus added two screen trips across the entire width of the screen: all to give me exactly the same functionality I had before. Yes, you may have solved a problem for the few instances and complaints you got for very large courses, but for the rest of us, you extended our work times.