Has there been a change to GRADES weights?

I have set up my GRADES to drop ungraded items. Recently I noticed a change as all of my students grades were suddenly either very low or too high.
I discovered that I had graded one item from the next grade category. This category is worth 20% of the overall course mark. The one item that I graded was worth 1.5% of that category. Therefore it would have an impact of 1.5% or 20% of 100%. However, it was weighted as /20.
To troubleshoot this issue, I did some mock grading of another item. It then switched each item to being worth a weight of 10 each for this category. However, they should only be worth 1.5 for that category.
This was not the case before and seems to have changed recently. Does anyone know what has happened?
I have verified that my settings are correct and my weights are put in properly. HELP!


  • Isaac.M.201
    Isaac.M.201 Posts: 10

    Hello @Michelle.Z.878,

    With the Grade Calculation option of "Drop ungraded items" selected, the gradebook will exclude all ungraded items from the gradebook almost as if they were not created.

    What you ran into with the next grade category is likely that upon grading the first item in this category, the gradebook calculated your students' scores as if there was only 1 Grade Item in the category. Which will redistribute the full weight of the Grade Category across this single Grade Item, since all other ungraded items are ignored.

    As more and more of the Grade Items from this category are graded, the gradebook will automatically adjust each Grade Item's weight according to the "1.5" weight you configured.

    If you'd prefer for the weight of "1.5" to always take effect, then the Grade Calculation option of "Treat ungraded items as 0" may suit you better!

    Bellow are a few images showing the difference between "Drop Ungraded Items" and "Treat ungraded items as 0" in a Grade Category.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions regarding this!