How do I Enter your reply in the Brightspace Editor. To include the original post's text in your rep

How do I Enter my reply in the Brightspace Editor? I'm told I need to include the original post's text in your reply, by clicking the Add original post text link. How do I do this?


  • Johnny.B.962
    Johnny.B.962 Posts: 41

    @Maria.C.957 if you go directly to the Discussions tool in your course, there's Settings link on that page, or you can select the Account Settings by selecting your name/profile icon and those same settings are on a tab for Discussions. Once there, you will see a checkbox setting for include original post in reply and that will be what you are looking for. With this setting on, then all your Discussion replies will include the original post in them after your text.

    Hope that helps!

    D2L LAM