DataSetId and Filter spec/definition resource

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Hi All,

I have just started working with Brightspace and I am running into a bit of an issue.

I want to call the following endpoint


the object it expects requires a DataSetId and Filters (I assume specific to each data set)

Where is a list of these DataSetIds and filters. I have been looking but have not found anything.


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  • Mark.D.492
    Mark.D.492 Posts: 3 🔍
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    I worked it out,

    This page shows the calls needed

    This shows the urls for listing Advanced Data Sets and for Brightspace Data Sets

    you can create export jobs for Advanced Data Sets, but you cannot for Brightspace Data Sets.

    Brightspace Data Sets you can only get access to the system generated Full and Differential extracts.

    If you can in fact generate Brightspace Data Sets I would like to know how (my thinking is for historic records, but maybe the underlying data does not support that level of auditing on the data?)