'Feedback Released' email but no feedback/grades when opened

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Hi, Is there anyone who has received the Grades published email but is not able to see the results/grade? I am so worried about this not knowing if this is a technical glitch or should I be concerned about academic misconduct or something else (Which is not possible, as the work I did was solely mine. I did not use any type of AI tool.)


  • Alex.V.58
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    Hello Ankit, you will find documentation on how to view grades here in our Community. If you read through, and are still unable to locate your grades, your next best step is to connect back with your instructor to see if they can assist you. If your instructor is unable to help, you can reach out to your school's IT Help Desk.

    If you require assistance with finding the contact information for your school's Help Desk, please let me know and I will send you a direct message here in the Community.