Brightspace Pulse Custom Notifications


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck utilising Brightspace Pulse to send push notifications to students. I understand there is a limited number of 'events' that can trigger a push notification, but has anyone been able to leverage these for more powerful use cases?

Our organisation is eager to send push notifications to students who haven't logged in for a period of time. These would be used to motivate and maintain student engagement with their course. We believe the only way to do this is:

  • Use announcements to send push notifications
  • Apply release conditions based on org unit enrolment
  • Use IAs to enrol students into the org unit if they haven't accessed in n days
  • Setup an 'unenroll IA' based on login criteria so they can't see the course offering on platform

Any insights or examples of how you use Brightspace Pulse notifications are greatly appreciated 😌



  • Olly.F.893
    Olly.F.893 Posts: 49

    Typically, most organisations will just use Intelligent Agents for this, using email rather than push notifications as the prompt, but I see where you're coming from.

    If I'm understanding your suggested workflow correctly, my fear would be that they'd get a notification for something, which they then may not be able to see when they're in the platform. Presumably, the announcement would disappear for them when the unenrolment IA does its thing, which might lead to a bit of confusion.

    Assuming the workflow works, it's still assuming a few things that you aren't fully in control of:

    1. That the students have definitely got Brightspace Pulse
    2. That they have push notifications turned on for the app in general
    3. That they have push notifications turned on for announcements
    4. That they would notice and act on such a notification

    If the goal is to motivate and maintain engagement, I'd also consider positive incentives. Maybe you could issue awards in Brightspace based on time-limited things like checklist completion / quiz completion / discussion participation, and so on.