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I've tried everything available in Brightspace to "unexempt" grade items but it is not saving the changes even after hitting "Save and Close". Any ideas?



  • Iwona.S.533
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    Hi @Veronica.C.803

    We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with unexpecting learners/grades.

    You should be able to add and remove exemptions for a learner from an assignment, quiz, or discussion topic from within the respective tool.

    To remove an exemption for a learner:

    1. In the tool, navigate to Manage Exemptions.
    2. Search for and select the learner in question.
    3. Click on Unexempt.
    4. Exit the Manage Exemptions page by clicking X.

    Important: When activities are exempted, any associated release conditions must still be met.

    For removing exemptions from the grade book, please follow these steps:

    1. From the Grade Item page, tick the checkbox beside the learner's name.
    2. Above or below the table, select Unexempt.
    3. Click Save and Close.

    If you continue to experience issues with removing exemptions, please open a support case.

    Reference article: https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/3520-about-exemptions

    Best regards,

  • Veronica.C.803
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    Thanks Iwona.S.533 for your prompt reply! 😄

    A case it is. 🤪