IOS ipad & Apple Pencil Grading Capabilities?

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Is there any chance Brightspace is developing (or has already developed) grading capabilities with an instructor app and ipad + pencil -- so that I can actually handwrite comments on submitted papers, mimicking the process of pen and paper? I taught at a school that used Canvas in 2022/23 and that is the 1 capability that really stood out versus Brightspace -- the ability to grade with my apple pencil (or stylus) within Canvas' Speedgrader app. Right now, it seem like the Pulse App is really for students, nothing special for instructors. Am I missing something? Is there already a way to do this that I don't know how to access?



  • Ricardo.S.110
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    The Assignments Annotation tool is actually compatible with the Apple Pencil.

    However, Brightspace does not have a Grading functionality embedded into the Pulse App or any other Grading-designated mobile application at the moment.

    That said, I looked up the Community's Product Idea Exchange and did find a similar feature request:

    Pulse Instructor Functions (D6233)

    The above idea is not currently under consideration but that could change if it gets more upvotes.

    Also, feel free to come up with your own feature requests at any time.

    The Product Idea Exchange is designed for users like you to send direct submissions to our Product Development organization and has the following advantages:

    • It allows you to receive direct updates on each request you submit
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    We look forward to hearing from you at the Product Idea Exchange!

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    I also find it frustrating that there is no grading app for instructors. I used Speedgrader on Canvas and it made grading much easier for me. I've tried using the Apple pencil to grade the website on D2L on my iPad and the responsiveness isn't good—it looks like a 4 year old's writing, so I had to give up.