Dropbox files changing format of student papers

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Do we know if there is a cause or a fix for the grading display of student papers in the dropbox that is changing the format of the paper? For instance, a student submitted a properly formatted MLA paper with their name and page number in the top right corner. However, on my end it displays in the grading window as the header being left side oriented. Of course the student emailed me about this after seeing feedback, and I downloaded the document from the dropbox and when viewed in word, it does in fact show that they did format correctly.
I am sure this causes no end of issues when grading and frustration to students who take the time to do the correct formatting only to have the system change what I see as the instructor.


  • Megan.S.88
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    HI @Kevin.M.938 - We're seeing this type of issue with Microsoft365 products often, and there's not a lot we can do about it. The best suggestion I have right now is to restrict the file extensions allowed for your assignments to PDF so that students are uploading PDFs and we aren't relying on Brightspace to do the conversion.