Why are updates to Quiz Questions and Sections treated differently?


Sections are an essential component of quizzes.  They are the only place where instructors can insert instructions for a series of questions that follow.  However, there is inconsistency between how questions and sections are treated when updating. 

Let's suppose, I have created a series of questions (with section dividers) in the Question Library. And then I import these questions (and sections) into a Quiz. Perfect! Okay, now let's suppose I find a typo in one of the question items. If I make a correction to the item either in the Quiz or in the Question Library, a screen pops up and says "QUESTION IN USE: This question is used in more than one place. Select all the items you want the changes to apply to then click the Save button.". This allows me to update the question in both places. Great...and necessary! However, if I make a change to a Section item, I do not get this same warning and the change is only made in one place. As a result, if I don't update section info in two places, it's relatively simple for sections in the quiz and QL to fall out of synch. What is the rationale for treating these quiz components differently?

Related PIE item:

Quiz sections should be treated the same as quiz questions when updated (D7989) 

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  • Dmitry.L.956
    Dmitry.L.956 Posts: 38

    Hello Mike,
    It looks like your organization is entitled to end-user support.
    Could you please submit a support ticket to us and refer to a specific course/quiz, so that we can test it?
    We will investigate it to see if this is related to the specific quiz settings, or if it is a problem.

  • Mike.B.559
    Mike.B.559 Posts: 116

    Hi Dmitry,

    Before I submit a support ticket, please take a moment to review the related PIE item mentioned above. There are two short videos on this page that outline the problem in detail. I realize that the quiz creation workflow shown in these videos reflects the pre "New Quiz Experience" UX, however, the same inconsistency exists with the new system. Basically, updates to a quiz "Question" used in various places triggers an alert (with the option to update in multiple places) whereas updates to a quiz "Section" used in various places does not.