Brightspace Editor – Consistent link creation with the ability to choose link format | Updated

Linda.L.615 Posts: 3 🌱
edited March 22 in Release Notes

Regarding the 2024 March release, the link creation format has been updated to only have 'New window' and 'Current window' option, which instead of the 'Whole window' option.

But it's NOT working. it opens a new tab in my browser every time, no matter which of the new options I choose.

The 'whole window' option was the only one working for me which allows my to open contents in the same tab insteading of opening a new one, and now it has been taken away………

Is anyone experiencing the same problem, and can anyone help to provide a solution please?



  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 461 admin

    Hi @Linda.L.615
    I've taken a look and I'm not seeing a Known Issue for this documented yet.
    That could mean that this is an issue, but we're not yet aware of it, or there could be a step that we're missing.

    Can I trouble you to connect with your Brightspace Help Desk to create a Support Case for this issue?
    That will help us to get a D2L Support agent taking a look at exactly what you're seeing, where you're seeing it.

    If you need a hand connecting back with your help desk, or you're not sure how to get in contact with them- leave me a note here using the "@" like I did with this message and your name.

    It will tag me back in and I can help to connect you.

    Very Grateful to you for connecting here in Community and sharing this feedback with us!