Is mine broken?

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Hello Community,

My question is regarding setting up my email signature. When I add any sort of graphic in there, it does not get passed through to the recipient.

Interestingly, I just tried reloading the graphic after starting an actual email and it showed fine. It seems I simply cannot save my email signature with an image imbedded.

The same applies to images or video included in the body of an email generated from withing D2L.


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  • Elaine.J.400
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    Hi Rob

    When a signature is created, the inserted image is saved into a specific folder location within Brightspace. When the email is sent externally this image wont appear to recipients as it lives within Brightspace.

    An alternative you could consider is adding the image with the Insert Image option, then choosing URL and putting in the location of an image that is available via your colleges' website. For example https :// - I copied the URL of the header image from . This image is then visible within your email and when sent to recipients as it it linked to your colleges' website instead.

    I hope this helps. Elaine

  • Rob.P.213
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    Tremendous! That excellent share of tech process insight helped a great deal. I think it will help me in the future when I am trying to do something 'new' or different. The idea of space inside vs. outside of the IP(?) space had not occurred to me. The broken link symbol was there and should have been, but it didn't trigger my thinking. I left all that web stuff behind a good while ago.

    Thank you so much for your time. 👊😎