Remove "Description" label from Quiz start page


Is there any way to remove (or toggle off) the word "Description" on the welcome page to a quiz?

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  • Mike.B.559
    Mike.B.559 Posts: 119

    Also, how can we edit the "Instructions" on this page. There is a boilerplate that reads like this (below), but I want to edit it:


    Note: All restrictions on the availability of this quiz have been bypassed for this preview.

    Before you submit the quiz, you will have the opportunity to return to questions that you may have missed or have not yet answered.You can submit your quiz responses at any time. However, if you submit your responses after the time limit expires, your attempt will be recorded as a late submission.

    Click "Start Quiz" to begin Attempt 1.

    The timer will not begin until after the set up process is finished.