2 different 'Content' tab views: 'continue' button+table of contents, or navigation sidebar+content


Our courses have two different user experiences, and we want to make them consistent. The new content experience is enabled in all courses.

Course A: Clicking 'Content' shows you this view, with a table of contents visible on the left side at all times (see 'E3 101 Getting Started: About this module' image):

Course B: Clicking 'Content' shows a 'sequence launcher' table of contents, with a 'Continue' button and progress indicators for the modules (see 'Instructional Design Strategies 101' image):

But clicking on a lesson displays a simplified content-only view ("enhanced sequence view") - expandable navigation sidebar, arrows to navigate forward and backward, no nav bar (see 'About the Course' image):

Is it possible to have the table of contents/continue button/progress indicators as they appear on the 'Content' page in Courses B, but display the lessons as they appear in Course A, with content navigation on the left?



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    @Courtney.M.362 the difference you are pointing out are tied to specific experiences/views with Content. While both are using the New Content Experience there's a separate New Learner Experience which determines how a student/learner sees Content. For the images of the courses that you've displayed, Course A is using the default learner experience, whereas Course B is using the New Learner Experience. To use either, as you have configured, uses the following CVB: d2l.Tools.Content.NewLearnerExperience ( OrgUnit ).

    Now, you have a great suggestion for a product improvement as there's no way to do what you are suggesting currently. In the Course B/New Learner Experience, the menu/Content navigation is truncated under the hamburger menu at the top of the page beside the "< Back to Content" link. So if you wanted to see that menu, it's just up there.

    Otherwise, if you still feel like having the menu there more in line with Course A as you suggest, I would recommend checking out our Product Ideas Exchange (PIE) to submit this as an idea.

    Hope that helps,