How best to upload and present Articulate Storyline and iSpring content in Brightspace

Many of our courses have narrated and/or interactive presentation content produced in either Articulate Storyline or iSpring (a plugin for PowerPoint). In both cases, the presentations are published for LMS (not SCORM) and the content is contained either in a folder or .zip package. The output for both products are, basically, a HTML5 object packaged as a website. iSpring output is less complex than Articulate (likely because it starts in PowerPoint).

What is the best way to upload to and display this type content in a Brightspace course while expecting it to function with little to no technical difficulty or re-publishing each presentation? We previously hosted this content on an external server with links placed in course content. This option will soon be no longer available so we need to upload the Articulate/iSpring presentations directly to the course in Brightspace.

We have a lot of content in both formats so I look forward to learning more about how best to handle it in Brightspace.

Thank you for your time!

Alex D


  • Shonelle.W.988
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    Hi Alex,

    I have been doing this in two ways with Storyline. One way is to upload it as a SCORM package by using the 'Import/Export/Copy components' option under 'Course Admin', then importing the zip file as a 'course package' under the 'import components' option.

    I have found this option is best when you want to link the activity to your gradebook for tracking. Albeit, I'm still experiencing some challenging getting the settings right to connect SCORPM content to competencies.

    The other option is to export the course content to an FTP site and embed it in the course content using an iframe. I prefer this option when I have an engagement activity that I don't need to track, but should remain within the course content instead of directing them away to an activity. It sounds like you already have some experience here.

    We haven't used iSpring in Brightspace, but we did have success hosting iSpring content on our webpage this way as well.