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Hello! We are needing to download submitted quizzes to send to external partners. If we try to view the submitted info as html and then print to pdf, it cuts of part of the document and what it cuts off is different for every person and every quiz. We can also download/export it to excel but when doing this it includes a lot of info on the spreadsheet that is not needed and makes it hard to understand for external partners. Is our only solution to download/export to excel and then clean the spreadsheet up deleting all info not needed by the external partner? Is there another way to view in pdf format without it cutting material off?


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    There are two places from which to download a csv/excel sheet. One is right from the statistics page. Another is from the reports option under the dropdown menu next to each quiz. In this option you can select/de-select what information you want included. I believe you need to 'set up reports' to do this (also available in the drop down menu. Have you already tried these options?