BS Issues When Using Google Chrome


We have had several faculty members who have report various issues like the nav bar disappearing, Announcements not being ale to be published, grade book items not being saved, and in some instances clicking on either save, copy all content, publish, and other clickable things it will not register a click or do anything. We are also experiencing issues where the search waffle does not come up when in a course either in content or other areas of the course.

We have suggested to use Firefox as a backup browser but we have had no communication from D2L regarding these issues or if something is going on with BS and Chrome.

Anyone else know or can provide some info?


  • Shonelle.W.988
    Shonelle.W.988 Posts: 35 🧭

    I'm not certain that this is related, but when we first started integrating BS I found that some browser extensions can interfere with BS features. I started by turning them all off to see if that helped, which it did, then slowly turning them back on again. In honesty, I'm still not sure exactly which one was the problem.