Students removed from groups randomly glitch?

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I am currently a teaching assistant for a class that uses Brightspace and I noticed that at some point this semester students were randomly removed from previously created groups that they were enrolled in for seemingly no reason. There are a total of 11 groups in the class consisting of 4 to 5 people, and the amount of students that were removed from each group ranged from 1 to 3. Is this a known glitch in Brightspace? If so, how can I prevent this from happening again in the future?


  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Elizabeth.A.516 I don't think you can view event logs of group enrollment within D2L, so you might need to put in a support case or ask your D2L admins to check the data sets. But two things to check first - Do the groups allow self-enrollment (and therefore students can also unenroll themselves)? Are there other instructors/TAs in the course who could have unenrolled the students?